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Datacraft is one of the leading website & web application development companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our HR (Human Resource) & Payroll Management Software maintain international standard. Being in the software development industry for over a decade now with development centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh, our company has an in-depth knowledge in software development and application. Our company develops custom Web site applications a wide range of technology platforms to ensure successful implementation of your business strategies and enhancement of your operational excellence. As every client faces unique business challenges, our Web site application development team starts with a thorough understanding of your objectives and works with you in close collaboration to come up with the most appropriate software development solutions that are rapidly architectured, developed, tested and implemented. For Team Datacraft, every project is mission-critical and must be delivered - on time and within budget.

We at Datacraft understand that custom Website application development is not a one-off task. We employ leading-edge technologies so that need-based Web applications and technology solutions may have longer shelf-life and evolve with your business. These will need minimum maintenance/support and generate business value, so that our company remains your partner of choice for custom Web applications development and smart business moves.
Datacraft develops custom Web site applications for a wide range of industries - Information Technology & Communications, Construction & Manufacturing, Automotive/Transportation, Financial Services, Healthcare, Education, Government Organisations and NGO's to Fashion, Footwear, Food & Beverage, Retail and many more. Our companies proven professional expertise, cross-industry experience and technical capabilities in software development and application will help determine the optimal technology solution for reducing costs, streamlining business processes and gaining business advantages.
Datacraft has strong international presence, providing global development advantage (GDA) and ensuring 24-hour development cycle encompassing onsite, offsite, and offshore mediums of work. From custom Website applications to inter-active business automation tools - our industry-specific and business-centric technology solutions are delivered across the globe so that you may:
** Develop and market products/services more efficiently
** Reduce administrative/other costs
** Provide better customer service & add convenience for business partners/employees
** Get higher Return on Investment (ROI)
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For Technical Contact - Call @ 01670884042
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